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Kevin’s story isn’t a success story. It’s the story of someone who failed a lot, never gave up and kept trying. And.. like he always says.. he’s still on his way.

Because he is on a 100-year journey to success!

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Fascinated with human potential, Kevin started developing himself 5 years ago. He wanted to know why some people became successful and others didn't. Was there a secret formula? A so-called recipe for success, like many claimed? He didn't know.

His first few companies and projects went completely off the rails: a software company that could not generate revenue, losing 33 045 dollars of his own money in the markets, his bank account never having more than a few hundreds in it at a single moment in time.. and working long days and hours without getting anything in return.

That's what triggered him: he was determined to help others prevent from making the same mistakes he made.



Kevin's story isn't a success story.

it's the story of someone who failed a lot, never gave up and kept trying.

And that's how he started to observe, analyze and help others.

Over the last 3 years, Kevin has helped over 274 ambitious and passionate people: from students to employees who wanted to become self-employed, to starters and even established entrepreneurs. With one common thread: wanting more than what's accepted out of life.

Kevin wants to share his experiences through this new channel: raw, unprocessed footage of 1 on 1 conversations, meetings, workshops and more.

Kevin also wants to show his progress; not only the result and success, but also the setbacks, difficult moments and obstacles.

Since then, Kevin made the decision to increase his impact: since August, 2019, he and his team have been going all in on increasing their reach. This by creating new online programs, sharing free materials which others would make you pay for… unedited, raw footage from 1 on 1 sessions with Kevin, business meetings and future workshops and events.

On top of that, Kevin also wants to show his progress; not only the results and success, but also the downside, the failures, the hardship.. obstacles and when he feels like throwing in the towel. Only that way, he believes he can make a true impact. And.. why?

Because the impact you make.. it’s the only thing that counts.


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We share daily footage of Kevin in 1 on 1 sessions, business meetings and more on YouTube!


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